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Located inside mother and child specialty facility, Phoenix Hospital. Zaazen Wellness is a holistic wellness centre which provides a diverse range of pre and postnatal services to its clients.


As we all know, pregnancy is not a “disease” or an “ailment”, but a wonderful natural phenomenon and experience. It is important during this life-changing period to pay attention to your body and mind.

We have introduced a number of classes at our Zaazen studio, so that you are able to enjoy your pregnancy, and feel active, strong, and energetic throughout. Our workshops are designed not just for exercise but also as an exploration of your body as it changes during pregnancy.

In addition to our unique and fun classes, we also have informative workshops to prepare you for the challenging and wonderful world of parenthood. Here you can get all the information you need, and be mentally and emotionally ready to welcome your baby.



Note: Physiological changes take time, and strengthening the body comes with regular and sustained practice. All our programmes have been carefully designed keeping that in mind. We would recommend and encourage you to attend classes regularly (minimum twice a week) to gain maximum benefit.

We Offer

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Group Educational Classes

Childbirth preparation class
(24 weeks plus)

5 sessions, once every week
(2.5 hours each)

Series of classes that provide information about labour and birth, tools and strategies to cope with labour. Includes exploration of your expectation of birth in practical terms, making choices along with caregivers and understanding the early hours and days after birth.

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Childbirth preparation class
(24 weeks plus)

1 intensive session
(4 hours)
Tools, skills and coping strategies for labour and birth in interactive hands on session with role-play and practical scenarios.

B.O.N.D classes
(12 to 24 weeks)

4 sessions, once a month
(2.5 hours each)

While the baby grows in pregnancy, a mother and father are also gestated. B.O.N.D classes explore this change and open the door to conscious parenting, beginning right from conception.

New and nearly born
(24 weeks plus + post natal)

1 session
(2.5 hours)

Information session for new and pregnant parents about how the baby’s default settings and his expectation from the world so that they can support his transition from the womb to world in a gentle and loving way.

Breastfeeding Classes

1 class
(2 hours)
 A detailed session for expectant parents to help them understand the kind of care they would like for their precious baby. Techniques, do’s and don’ts, and understanding the baby’s needs are all covered in this class. Breastfeeding is more than good food. It is nature’s one stop for complete nourishment of the new persons, mind body spirit. The sessions busts myths around breastfeeding and provides information so that your breastfeeding experience is joyous and rewarding.




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