Childbirth Series Preparation

The following topics are covered in our childbirth preparation series:



Mind body connect

  • Exploring the pregnant ‘YOU’
  • Changes as signs of health not distress.
  • Becoming available to self and baby.
  • Understanding the role of dad in pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.
  • Breath work as a tool in pregnancy and labour

Sources and resources for pain in labour

Becoming a parent

  • Orienting to pregnancy as a practice time for parenting – choices you make.
  • Understanding and applying the scope of bonding with the baby in the womb.

Anatomy and Phisology of Labour

  • Changes before birth
  • Tracking progress through labour
  • Continuum of change
  • Recognising pre labour change signs



Review of prelabour signs

How labour begin

·       Understanding contraction

  • Releasing of amniotic fluids
  • Home to hospital – when to make the shift

Birth environment

Guided relaxation with imagery for meeting the baby.

Positions for labour – extending the exercise continuum

Importance of movement



Navigating the labour terrain- flow of labour

  • Stages and phases of labour
  • Physical and emotional sign posts· Signs of progress
  • Looking for progress synchronicity
  • Rhythm Ritual and Relaxation – Penny Simkin

Massage and touch

Tool Box



 Birthing in a hospital – active Management

·       What is your birth preferences

  • What are your caregivers preferences
  • Questions to ask your doctor – getting a realistic picture
  • Bridging the gap – need of the baby

Challenging labour patterns and resources


  • When, why and how

Conscious agreement in labour and birth



 The baby arrives!

·       Vaginal – birthing the baby not delivery

  • Understanding need for intervention
  • Cord clamping and early contact

Meeting the need of  new mother, baby and family

  • Miracle hour

 Knowing the amazing new born

·       Understanding the baby’s default

  • Meeting the baby’s needs