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Yoga for Pregnant Ladies

8 April 2017
Yoga for pregnant ladies in Delhi NCR

The more we hear, see and read stories and studies about yoga for pregnant ladies helping them in ailments such as diabetes and depression only strengthens our resolve that prenatal yoga is the way to go. Anyone that has practiced yoga during their pregnancy knows how much of a total body workout it is as well as a method to relax the mind.

Need of Yoga for Pregnant Ladies

It’s an essential way for moms-to-be to work on their body while also helping them for preparing for delivery and beyond through breathing and mind exercises. Looking specifically at a pregnant mother’s body, Zaazen yoga classes focus on specific areas and help in improving certain common pregnancy issues. These have been mentioned below:


  1. The Pelvic Floor: The pelvic region is a hammock of muscles that are vital in reproduction as well as digestion. It also plays an important role for the baby as well. During pregnancy, it’s important to exercise and strengthen this region for childbirth as well as after your pregnancy as it gets worn out with pregnancy.


  1. The Breath: Breathing is a mechanical function of the body that we don’t really pay attention to on a daily basis. Breathing is a very important part of delivery as it helps to take your mind off the strain and pain you are facing in addition to helping the body to relax. Some breathing exercises include pranayama and ujjayi breathing. These techniques focus on different aspects and each contribute to a healthy pregnancy in their own way.


  1. The Feet: What can be noted is that although we use our feet every day, we rarely take out time to look after them. This becomes very important during pregnancy as the center of gravity moves over nine months. Due to this change, there is a need to strengthen the muscles in the feet as well. With weight gain, women can experience cramps and even have more severe problems such as varicose veins. Yoga helps in preventing such complications from occurring.


  1. The Posture: As the belly of the mother grows and changes, so does the center of gravity of the body as mentioned above as well. Yogic postures such as Chakravakasana is a great way to help work your belly and strengthen it as you gain weight. After pregnancy, a lot of mothers find a separation between the left and right side of the abdominals; yoga exercises can help to bring the belly toward the spine and bring the abdominal muscles back into pre- pregnancy shape.


In doing these exercises and following a yoga regime, it’s no doubt that the pregnant woman feels much healthier, fitter, and is able to handle her pregnancy better than others who don’t exercise. It is known worldwide for strengthening the body and the mind for the beautiful journey of motherhood ahead while also making the postpartum period also easier on the mother.