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Yoga Exercises For Pregnant Women

6 April 2017
Yoga Exercises For Pregnant Women

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that has contributed to healthy and holistic living in society all over the world. It is often referred to as the spiritual route to a healthy body and a relaxed state of mind. Though it began in India, it has now spread everywhere and it is thus, no surprise that yoga exercises for pregnant women is also extremely beneficial for the well-being and development of all women through the globe.

Need of Yoga Exercises For Pregnant Women

Women who are regular with yoga require minor modifications in their routines during their nine months of pregnancy when the body undergoes several physical and hormonal changes. The main aim of prenatal yoga is essentially to help the mother to bring her unborn child into the universe with minimum problems and almost entirely no health problems and complications. The various exercises in yoga including positions and exercises differ across the three trimesters and it is important to understand which of these are beneficial in which phase. For example, the first phase is the one in which chances of miscarriage are high and therefore the right exercises must be done with caution in order to avoid miscarriage or other health complications and ailments.

Butterfly pose or Bhadrasana

This exercise helps in strengthening the inner thigh muscles and the pelvic region. In this asana, one must sit on the floor, preferably with a mat under them in order to ensure that they are comfortable. Keeping the legs on the mat, form a ‘Namaste’ pose with your feet. Then, place your hands on your knees and stay in this position till the time that you can possibly hold the post/when you are comfortable to avoid any kind of pain or uneasiness later. Exhale once you have straightened your legs out and while doing so.

Chair pose or Utkatasana

This pose requires one to stand erect with their feet 12 inches apart and parallel to each other. Then, raise the heels and arms at the shoulder level. Following this, sit in a squat position, with the heels off the floor, i.e on your toes. Hold this position for as long as possible and then exhale and release the pose.

Twisted pose or Vakrasna

This pose involves sitting erect with ones feet stretched out in front. Then, one is to inhale and raise their arms at the shoulder level. Following this, they must twist their body from the waist towards the left side and swing back as much as possible. Once they have returned to their original position, repeat the same exercise on the other side.

Angle pose or Konasana

In this asana, one must stand erect with their feet 24 inches apart. This pose can also be done with the support of a wall/cupboard. Further, then you must raise one hand keeping the elbow straight and inhale while bending sidewards to the side of the raised hand. Once they are back in their original position, repeat the same exercise on the other side as well.

These Yoga exercises for pregnant women are followed in yoga classes or what is more commonly known as prenatal yoga classes. They are hugely beneficial to the health of the mother-to-be as well as to the baby. Due to their immense benefits, yoga for pregnant ladies is recommended to all women in the family way. It helps them not only during their pregnancy but also during delivery and post-delivery.