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Yoga Classes For Pregnant Women

10 April 2017
Yoga Classes For Pregnant Women

There are a wide range of yoga classes available throughout Delhi. However, specifically dedicated yoga classes for pregnant women in the capital are few. The most well known destination for prenatal yoga is Zaazen Wellness Centre, Phoenix Hospital in GK-II. The centre is known for its holistic yogic experience which focuses on different exercises that are beneficial during pregnancy. In addition to this, they also have informative and interactive classes for new parents.

Exercises Which are Practiced in our Yoga Classes for Pregnant Women

At Zaazen there are a number of yoga exercises which are practiced in yoga classes for pregnant women and have amazing benefits for their changing bodies. A common exercise or asana known to have many benefits is the butterfly pose. This pose strengthens the inner thighs and the pelvic region and involves the person sitting with their legs folded with their feet forming a ‘namaste’ pose. Then they are supposed to place their hands on their knees or thighs and move their thighs up and down until they feel comfortable.

Other poses are like yastikasana or the stick pose, parvatasana or the mountain pose, bhadrasana or the butterfly pose etc. It is important to note, however that all these exercises cannot be done in every trimester and one should consult their yoga teacher on what’s safe to practice in which stage of pregnancy.